Leading Agricultural Container Management Company

We focus on the repair, recycle and sanitization of agricultural containers in the Salinas Valley and surrounding areas.

Container Repair, Recycle, Freight, & Sanitization Services in Salinas Valley

Established in the year 2000, Bin Doctor has grown to be recognized as the leading agricultural container repair and management service in the Salinas Valley. We specialize in repair and sanitization of food grade containers (bulk bins, totes and plastic pallets).  Bin Doctor is committed to our clientele, as well as the betterment of the environment. We assist customers in streamlining container costs by effectively and economically managing their harvest fleet.  Our main priority is to increase the longevity of containers through a periodic & customized repair program.

Bin Doctor


Containers that enter our facility are inspected to determine whether or not they can be repaired. Plastic welders are used to fill in cracks and repair broken areas.  Latches and rods are inspected and replaced as necessary to meet industry standards.  Broken foot caps are replaced and bases inspected and replaced as needed.  Any loose plastic or debris is removed from each container.

Bin Doctor


Containers deemed unfit for repair can be recycled at a predetermined rate, according to market value. Recycling those containers that are beyond repair standards gives our customers a small return on a portion of their investment as well as being environmentally conscious.

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We are conveniently located in the heart of Salinas Valley's industrial area. Bin Doctor is available to pick up and deliver containers directly from your facility. Our courteous and professional drivers can be dispatched at a moments notice.

Bin Doctor


As an added benefit to our repair service, Bin Doctor offers a wash program designed to sanitize containers and assist in the prevention of food bourne illness. The wash program entails removal of field stickers, soil, stains and loose debris. Containers are sprayed and soaked with a food grade foaming agent before being washed with high pressure nozzles and hot water in our state of the art bin washer.  All containers then go through an additional quality assurance check.