About Us

Increased Longevity of Containers

Bin Doctor is a leading agricultural management service company established in 2000.

Tommy Denham is the founder of the company. We use sophisticated plastic welding techniques in order to repair plastic bins, totes and pallets.

We prioritize increasing the longevity of the agricultural containers.

Bin Doctor

Our Core Business Values

  • Partnership
  • Integrity
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Personalized & innovative approach
  • Honest, open, & frequent communication

Enhancing Customers’ Investment

Bin Doctor aims at increasing the value of customer's investment in their containers to last long.

Over the years, Bin Doctor has grown to be recognized as the leading agricultural container repair and management service in the Salinas Valley.

We specialize in repair and sanitization of food-grade containers like bulk bins, totes, and plastic pallets.

Streamlining Container Costs

We assist customers in streamlining container costs by effectively and economically managing their harvest fleet. At Bin Doctor, our priority is to increase the longevity of containers through a periodic and customized repair program.